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Pâte feuilletée fourrée d’épinards et de fromage de chèvre grec, décorée de fromage râpé.

  • 30'
  • 22 °C
  • 50
  • 60
  • 20'-22'
  • 170 °C
  • 125 gr

Product placement

Bakery and Foodservice in general (commercial, institutional & facility catering) and snacking especially.

Product information - something nice to know

Another healthy snack with a different taste and a pleasure not only for vegetarians. “Florentine” refers in gastronomic idioms or language to recipes with cooked spinach covered with a creamy (béchamel) sauce.

Serving tips - baking advice or suggestions

The product is much nicer when it is egg-washed before baking.

Tip 1: This product is not only a savoury snack but can also be used as a meal component to replace vegetables and/or potatoes, e.g. baked salmon scallop with a Feuilleté Florentine, tarragon sauce and wild rice.

Tip 2: Prior to the baking cut the product into small pieces and offer it as a appetizer.

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