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Gros croissant au beurre, bien feuilleté, avec une garniture de Gouda et de dés de jambon cuit, recouvert d’une couche de Gouda croustillante.

  • 30'
  • 22 °C
  • 2x30
  • 56
  • 20'-22'
  • 170 °C
  • 100 gr


Ideal product for sandwich bars, food kiosks, bakers  and retail to sell as savoury snack around the clock.


Although you were over the moon about that magazine editorial describing how ‘YOU’ make the best Tuna Sandwich in town… running your own sandwich business is one heck of a job. A daily race starting with the cutting of all fresh  vegetables, to move on to the preparation of your ‘signature’ sandwich spreads, to finally get everything in place for lunch time... Than rush hour starts. Once this is finished, you need to check all stocks and clean up for the next day. And when you are completely engrossed in all those preps, suddenly someone comes up for a savoury treat to satisfy a small appetite. Even though you would like nothing more than to give him ‘that quick snack’…  you only have ‘still-to-make-sandwiches’ to offer…

Our ‘CROISSANT HAM CHEESE FILLING’ stands for MAXIMAL CONVENIENCE as it is PRE-FILLED and READY to show off from the moment it leaves the oven. This tasty croissant is such a legendary classic, IT SELLS ITSELF. A true savoury treat combining the BEST SELLING VIENNOISERIE i.e. croissant with the TOP OF THE CHART FILLING i.e. ham & cheese. With its ideal size it satisfies any small appetite leaving the greed for a sandwich lunch intact. This makes this snack a great commercial tool to INCREASE YOUR TICKET VALUE. The perfect break for ‘on top sales’ without any effort!

The ‘CROISSANT HAM CHEESE FILLING’ ticks all boxes of your customer’s wish list: The SMELL of freshly baked BUTTERY CROISSANTS. The irresistable LOOKS of a GOLDEN BROWN ‘JACKET’ TOPPED WITH GRATED CHEESE. The SOUND when biting in the CRACKLING CRUST around the moist layering… reaching the ULTIMATE TASTE experience when broaching it’s rich and delightful FILLING. A SAVOURY CLASSIC, triggering all senses for that SATISFYING EXPERIENCE, late in the morning, as tasty rounder of a sandwich lunch or on-the-go in the afternoon.

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