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Classic individual French “brioche à tête” rich in butter, eggs and “crème fraîche”.

  • 75
  • 22 °C
  • 40
  • 80
  • 45 gr

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Traditional bakery, bakery café and restaurants.

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This is a real classic for the traditional bakery, the bakery café and restaurants. Not only as a breakfast item but most recommended during the afternoon tea, toasted with a little butter or jam. In traditional cuisines (French) restaurants brioches are often served with paté and foie gras or with chopped and sauced warm appetizers.

Brioche à tête or “Parisienne” is perhaps the most classically recognized form: it is formed and baked in a fluted round, flared tin; a large ball of dough is placed on the bottom and topped with a smaller ball of dough to form the head (tête).

The origin of brioche goes back to the Normandy of the 16th century. However the brioche dough is older and goes back to the Middle Ages.

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